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November 28, 2009

The Six Levers of Business Agility

Directors are always on the look out for ways to increase their revenues, reduce costs and mitigate their business risks.  One of the principal ways of achieving these goals is to create a dynamic and highly responsive business operation using a number of agile technologies.

Directors are often being told that if they implement a single agile technology that they will solve the agility problem for their business.  However whilst many businesses have achieved some levels of success in using a single technology (such as BPM or Predictive Analytics), this single technology approach is no longer viable in today’s challenging and competitive business environment.

There are currently six technologies that can be considered as the “Six Levers of Business Agility”. A detailed white paper on the Six Levers of Business Agility can be download from here).

Implementing these six business agility levers provides a substantial additional uplift in business performance over what can be achieved by a single lever.


November 27, 2009

SME, SOA, Web Services and Business Agility

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The first step to achieving business agility is to “SOA-enable” your business applications.  By “SOA-enable” I mean that the capabilities within each of your business applications should be delivered by a set of services in addition to the traditional application user interfaces. These services can be loosely coupled with those of other applications, to compose  dynamic and agile business processes.

These dynamic business processes can be integrated with other business processes to create highly agile applications that enables your company to respond to changes in your business environment without requiring expensive and lengthy software development.

The good news is, if you have purchased enterprise application packages over the last few years then they should have been “SOA-enabled” using Web services technology.  If they are not then get your vendor(s) to give you the service interfaces for your applications, this should be free if you have a support contact in place.


November 26, 2009

Enterprise Meets Cloud

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There is no doubt that many SME directors are examining the value proposition of deploying their business applications in the cloud to take advantage of the agile flexible self-service that cloud technologies can provide.   So I am always on the look-out for new information on what it take to deploy secure applications in the cloud.

Just the other day I received a mail-shot from with an attention grabbing headline  “There is no such thing as a Private Cloud”. So with  raised eye brow I clicked on the email and found an invitation to a webinar by Phil Wainewright called “There’s no such thing as a Private Cloud” plus a link to a white paper called “Enterprise Meet Cloud: Mapping a safe passage to enterprise cloud adoption”.

I was impressed with the webinar and white paper and I would recommend them to any one looking to use the cloud to deploy mission critical business applications and are concerned about security issues in the cloud.

Note I have no connection with the guys at however I have been tracking them for a number of years now (before Cloud became the in-thing).  They also offer a “white-label” cloud service for those companies who want to offer their clients a cloud-based offering without having to make the $multi-million investment in creating a secure cloud hosting infrastructure.

OpSource is certainly a company to watch.

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